This website is the sister website to (also known as neo polytheist). I have set it up in order to repurpose content from that blog in a way that may be more navigable (see the drop down menu in the tool bar above) for people who are new to Roman polytheism, which is also called the Cultus Deorum, the Religio Romana, Roman Paganism and/or the Roman way to the Gods. Roman polytheism incorporates a fundamentally diverse set of beliefs, with the unifying feature being a recognition that the universe is permeated by numerous divine spirits, the greatest of which are Gods. Contemporary Roman polytheism is not about reenacting an ancient religion (that would be imprudent, given how different our social realities are) but rather seeking to gain an understanding of how polytheism was understood and practised in the diverse lands of the Roman empire, from Britannia to Assyria, and adapting that knowledge to our contemporary understanding of spirituality and the divine.

Please note that this website presents one person’s interpretation of Roman polytheism. No person or organisation can claim that they alone represent or understand Roman polytheism, and I certainly make no such claims. I hope you will find this website helpful in your own spiritual journey, while all the while keeping your mind wide open to the possibility that I might have got it wrong (or right). I am no believer in the “one true way”, for as the Gods are many so are the ways. Maybe some of the things I espouse won’t work for you, in which case may your own spirit of enquiry point you in the direction of that which feels most true. That said, I give you an assurance of my sincerity in putting this website together and my commitment to researching both ancient and contemporary scholarly sources in order to illuminate the Roman way to the Gods.

“The sea hath its pearls” by Margetson (1897)

Written by M. Sentia Figula; find me at and Roman Pagan on Facebook


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